10 Proven Essential Oils to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Most people suffer from zebra-like streaks or marks on their skin. These streaks, or stretch marks, normally occur as violet, pink or red lines across the upper arms, tummy, breasts, thighs and other area of our body that grow and stretch. The good news is there are many essential oils which can get rid of them.


Stretch marks are narrow stripes that appear on the skin’s surface due when it gets stretched to far. This can happen during pregnancy, puberty or any sudden changes in one’s body weight.

Mothers who just gave birth frequently experience stretch marks on their tummy, thighs and hips due to gaining weight and growing a child in their bellies while being pregnant. Stretch marks are thin and long.


As their name implies, stretch marks are caused primarily by a stretching of the skin. Depending on the severity, some stretch marks are a darker shade of red while some are quite faint. They can be severe if there is an abundant production of cortisone, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands which contributes to your skin’s elasticity. Stretch marks can be caused by:

        Health conditions: Stretch marks can be caused by some diseases and conditions like Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal gland disease and Marfan syndrome.

        Medication: Continuous oral medications and the use of lotions, steroids and some corticosteroid creams can cause stretch marks.

        Pregnancy: Women in their later stages of pregnancy often experience stretch marks caused by by excessive stretching of their skin or their hormones.

        Gaining Weight: When you gain a lot of weight, there’s a high chance you’ll get stretch marks.


Anyone can get stretch marks, but there are some factors that increase the possibility, including:

  • Prolonged use of some medications
  • Obesity or rapid weight gain over a short period of time
  • Pregnancy (younger women are more prone)
  • Being a female
  • Genetics


There are some surgical procedures which can remove stretch marks, but they can cost you a lot of money. Why invest in expensive procedures when you can do it naturally?

Essential oils are a natural way to get rid of stretch marks. Proven effective, these oils have amazing recovering properties which can slow down the aging of skin, improve its flexibility and hydration and aid in skin cell recovery.


        Helichrysum Oil. More commonly known as everlasting oil, this fruity-smelling oil has many healing assets that can help calm your stretched and distressed skin. It is actually an astringent that helps boost blood circulation and repairs of skin while making stretch marks fade.

        Sage Oil. This oil is obtained from an evergreen plant, extracted from the dried leaves using a steam purification process. Sage oil has an earthy aroma and is safe for mothers, helping stimulate blood circulation and promoting skin repair.

        Rosehip Oil. An essential oil extracted from the seed of the thorny rose, rosehip helps nourish the skin with antioxidants and vitamins. It is high in vitamin A, which helps prevent aging.

        Lavender Oil. This is usually used to put children to sleep because it has a calming aroma. Extracted from the evergreen plant through steam distillation, lavender oil heals stretch marks in just the snap of a finger. This also helps rejuvenate the skin and remove stretch marks.

        Neroli Oil. This essential oil comes from orange blossoms and has a sweet, delicious aroma. It’s restoring and regenerative properties help revitalize skin. With regular use, this oil can help prevent the development of stretch marks.

        Patchouli Oil. Just like sage oil, this essential oil has an earthy aroma. Its unique properties encourage speedy skin repair, adding moisture to the skin while encouraging the growth of new cells.

        Vitamin E and Pure Cocoa Butter. This is a common cure for stretch marks, oft-cited for the purity of each ingredient.

        Castor Oil. Often referred to as dependable therapy, castor oil is used to help with sagging skin, wrinkles, acne and stretch marks. The active ingredients in this essential oil help moisturize the skin.

        Pure Emu Oil. This essential oil can deliver an excellent outcome when it comes to removing stretch marks or scars. Its high concentrations of oleic acid and linoleic acid help scars heal faster.

        Grape Seed Oil. This is one of the best essential oils for removing stretch marks. Its regenerative properties are very high.

If stretch marks are not an issue right now, don’t worry about them. If you start to become self-conscious, try some essential oil magic. Soon you’ll be begging to show off your skin!




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