7 Best Remedies to Cure Baldness Effectively

Are you experiencing a sudden loss of hair? This might be one of your nightmares. Most of us are scared to even thinking about our hair falling off our head. If this is one of your primary fears, you need to know how to deal with it. Luckily, there are a lot of remedies for baldness.

Previously, baldness was considered a sign of aging. However, young people are also prone to it. It is linked to nutrition, stress and genetics, and while it is more common in men, women also experience it. The question is, is there a cure? Yes, in fact, there is, and many of them are inexpensive.

What Causes Baldness?

When we talk about female pattern or male pattern baldness, hormones and genetics play a major role. In general, it is a combination of the following factors:

-Medicine or medical treatments, like chemotherapy

-Medical illnesses or conditions that may cause hair loss

-Not enough protein in the diet

-Skin or scalp infections, like ringworm

-Lack of iron

-A family history of baldness

-Hormonal imbalance

-Burns or injuries


Types of Baldness

The different types of baldness depend on factors like age, underlying causes and the person’s gender.. Depending on these, baldness can be categorized into the following types:

Toxic Alopecia. This type of baldness is usually temporary and is usually caused by severe illnesses or certain medications.

Scarring Alopecia. The condition is termed as scarring as the bald spots develop due to injuries, burns, diseases or radiation.

Alopecia Areata. In this type of baldness, hair loss leads to the appearance of bald spots. This can lead to alopecia totalis, when the hair on the scalp is already lost.

Female Pattern Baldness. As its name implies, this condition is usually seen in women and is related to genetic makeup. This condition seldom leads to complete baldness.

Male Pattern Baldness. This condition is hereditary and usually starts with a receding hairline or bald spots.

All of these are the different types of baldness that you may suffer from. Don’t worry, though. You just need to identify your symptoms and you will be well on your way to choosing the appropriate remedy for you.

Best Remedies to Cure Baldness

Here are some of the most amazing and effective remedies to cure baldness:

Ginger. The bioactive compounds in ginger help stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and renew hair follicles.

Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple cider vinegar helps balance pH levels in the scalp. Furthermore, it also removes all the microbes that are hindering the growth of new hair and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which helps with hair regrowth.

Chinese Herbs. In Chinese medicine, it is suggested that certain herbs inhibit baldness. It is important to seek proper consultation for this.

Coffee. Coffee doesn’t just boost your morning cup, it also treat baldness and hair loss. The reason for this is none other than the caffeine content of the coffee. Caffeine helps promote new hair growth.

Onion Juice. Onions effectively regenerate hair roots. Adding honey will boost this effect.

Egg Yolk. Being a rich source of protein, egg help treat baldness and prevent hair loss. Although it is stinky, egg yolk can also help make your hair shinier, bouncier and silkier.

Aloe Vera. Applying aloe vera paste to your scalp will remove dryness and help maintain balanced pH levels. Aloe vera also encourages hair growth.


Remedies for baldness are truly in your hand, and it’s important to look after the health of your scalp. Remember to also pay close attention to what goes inside your body by adhering to a healthy diet.


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