Best Benefits Of Walnuts for Skin, Hair, and Health


Walnuts maybe are one of the most common ingredients that we see and use all day. We consume it in almost all that we eat. It can be in the form of chocolates, cookies, cakes, and much more. Though it tastes bitter, people around the world still love them. Regardless of its type, because the nut has two types, the benefits of walnuts are still the same. Mentioning that, the benefits of walnuts is not only for the hair or the skin but all over.

Walnuts are a great staple for the body and the skin. Many skin care and makeup brands incorporate walnuts in their products. Why? Obviously, because it is very rich in nutrients which helps in beauty routines. Furthermore, walnuts also favorite for the hair care. Many shampoo brands have walnut oil and extracts because they help in making the hair healthy and shiny.

What are Walnuts?

Walnuts are nuts that are round in shape, single-seeded, and grow from the walnut tree. The trees grow naturally in the eastern part of the North America. However, now it also grows in the countries of Iran, China, Arizona, and California in the USA.

Beneath the husk of the walnut fruit is a wrinkly nut, usually in a globe shape. The nut commonly split into two flat segments, and they often sell it commercially. It is available raw, roasted, salted or unsalted.

Usually, some people incorporate walnuts into their salad. Giving additional flavor to the meal.

Nutritional Values of Walnuts

Approximately an ounce of raw walnuts or 28.35 grams of it has:

-Protein: 4.32 grams

-Carbohydrates: 3.89 grams

-Fiber: 1.9 grams

-Sugar: 0.74 grams

-Calories: 185

It also provides these percentages of the recommended daily nutrient intake:

-Iron: 5%

-Vitamin B6: 8%

-Phosphorus: 10%

-Magnesium: 11%

-Copper: 22%

-Manganese: 48%

Walnuts are high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and is also a good source of protein. As we know, nuts are high in calorie and fat foods. However, they are rich in nutrients and gives a variety of health benefits.

The mixture of all the healthy fats, fiber, and protein in the nut helps in increasing the satisfaction and fullness. This makes them a great snack comparable to some simple carbohydrate foods like crackers or chips.

Benefits of Walnuts for the Skin, Hair, and Health

As stated earlier, walnuts provide numerous benefits for the health, the hair, and the skin. Here are some of which:

Health Benefits of the Walnuts

Prevents breast cancer. A certain research states that by consuming a few walnuts, the risk for breast cancer can be reduced.

Helps improve the cardiovascular health. Because of its rich omega 3 fatty acids properties, walnuts are beneficial in improving the heart health. Furthermore, the omega 3 fatty acids also help in reducing the bad cholesterol and encouraging the production of the good cholesterol.

Improve brain health. Walnuts having rich omega-3 fatty acids help keep the nervous system working smoothly and improve the memory.

Makes the immune system healthier. The high amount of antioxidants in the walnuts helps in keeping the immune system much healthier and helps in preventing various diseases.

Provides better sleep and prevent stress. The melatonin content of the walnut helps in keeping the blood pressure low. Furthermore, it also helps in relieving stress.

Skin Benefits of the Walnuts

Makes the skin looks glowing. You can make a face mask using walnuts if you want to make your skin look more glowing.

Postpones the ageing of the skin. Walnuts are very good for the skin since they are rich in B vitamins. This essential vitamin is excellent in managing the stress and mood. And lower stress makes up a better skin.

Treats dark circles. With a regular application of walnut oil in the dark circles, it will soothe the skin, hence reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Moisturizes the skin. Walnut oil helps in keeping the skin moisturized. It helps in nourishing the skin from within. Furthermore, it also enhances the growth of more radiant and healthier cells.

Hair Benefits of the Walnuts

Gets rid dandruff. You can use the walnut extract or oil to grow new hair. Furthermore, it also helps in moisturizing the scalp.

Makes the hair grow longer and stronger. Walnuts are rich in potassium, omega-9, omega-6, and omega-3 fatty acids. Hence, it is great in making the hair grow longer and much stronger.

Improves the health of the scalp. To make the scalp more hydrated and moisturized, you can use walnut oil. Moreover, it can also help in treating some medical conditions, like dermatitis.

Inhibits balding. Research states that with the regular consumption of walnut oil, the issues of balding goes away.


Walnuts aren’t just some type of delicious nuts that we use in salads or any food that we eat. The effects of it in our body are all magnificent. However, even though the benefits of walnuts are oozing, you must not forget eating it in moderation. You might end up having an allergic reaction to it if you have an allergy to nuts. Regardless of that, walnuts are good for the health, the hair, and the skin. So, if you want to try something new in making your health to the highest level, try walnuts.


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