Home Remedies For Typhoid Fever: Are These Effective?

As we all know, the strong immune system is so important in protecting the body against diseases that are caused primarily by some bacteria. And, typhoid is among those diseases, which may be common or serious. Thus, it is important to know the simple information about it. Furthermore, the home remedies for typhoid is also necessary to know. Not only to gain enough knowledge about it but to also know what you can use in the event that you or anyone close to you experience it.

What is Typhoid?

The typhoid fever of typhoid is a serious condition that is elaborated in a fever that is primarily caused by Salmonella paratyphoid or the Salmonella Typhi bacteria. Furthermore, this bacterium frequently causes illnesses that are less severe. Actually, the Salmonella Typhi exists in the food or water, which means they may transmit from one person to another.

In a point of fact, typhoid fever happens more often in the countries of Egypt, Pakistan, and India. The chronic disease assaults more than 22 million people every year. In fact, 200,000 people die from this disease.

Symptoms of Typhoid

One of the most challenging parts of the diagnosis of the illness is the delay in the symptoms appears. This is because the first signs of it just appear from 6 to 30 days after having an exposure to the bacteria.

The length of the typhoid fever actually is approximately 3 or 4 weeks after a week or two of incubation. Some of the most common indications of the illness are the following:

  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea
  • High fever
  • Headache
  • Generalized pains and aches
  • Poor appetite

In a clearer manner, those people that have typhoid may also experience chest congestion, discomfort, and abdominal pain. This is although the fever becomes constant certainly. The patient may feel an improvement in his/her condition in the third week without having any complications. Conversely, there is approximately 10 percent of the people that suffer from the symptoms once more after a week or two. Furthermore, relapses may also occur to those who use antibiotics in their treatment.

Causes of Typhoid

As stated earlier, the typhoid fever actually is triggered by the infection Salmonella Typhi. Though the condition has been largely eliminated from a lot of countries by means of the vaccine, it is still a big problem to some countries and every year, ten million new cases of it are on reports. In various cases of the condition, it is treatable. However, if it is left untreated, there will be an increase in the mortality rate of as much as 20 percent.

Here are the two major causes of typhoid:

Fecal-oral diffusion route. This cause of typhoid happens when the bacteria spread through an unclean food or water. Furthermore, this may also occur in the direct contact with those who have already been infected.

Typhoid carriers. Few patients have already been treated with some antibiotics and have already recovered from the illness. However, some say that they still continue to port the bacteria that causes the disease in the gallbladder tract or intestinal tracts for years. They are the chronic carriers. This means the bacteria also subsists in the feces and are can infect others even though there’s no signs nor indications of the disease.

Home Remedies for Typhoid

Here are some of the best home remedies for typhoid or typhoid fever:

Lemon juice. Lemon does contain vitamin C and many other essential vitamins, this makes the fruit essential for the body health and in getting rid of the typhoid fever.

Oranges. This is also one of the best home remedies for typhoid. This is because the fruit is the home to many essential vitamins which helps in strengthening the immunity. Furthermore, the essential minerals in it also help in fighting off dehydration.

Cranberries. The cranberries are rich in anti-parasitic properties; hence, it is beneficial in getting rid of the illness.

Banana. Bananas are beneficial in relieving fever and deals with diarrhea as well. Actually, banana contains soluble fiber, which supports the liquid absorption in the intestines, thus reducing diarrhea.

Basil. Basil has antibacterial and antibiotic properties, thus it is beneficial in fighting off bacteria that causes typhoid fever. Furthermore, it also helps in bringing down the fever and improving the immune system.

Cloves. The essential oils of the cloves have antibacterial properties, which helps in killing bacteria that causes typhoid. Moreover, it also helps in easing diarrhea and vomiting, which are symptoms of the illness.

Garlic. The garlic has antimicrobial properties, which are beneficial in fighting off bacteria that causes typhoid. Furthermore, it also helps in strengthening the immunity and removing the harmful toxins out of the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar. This is one of the most recommended home remedies for typhoid. This is for the reason that the ACV has amazing acidic properties, which are beneficial in drawing the temperature out of the skin and relatively decrease the high temperature of the body.


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