How does Green Tea Extract help you Lose weight?

Green tea contains various substances and antioxidants and one of the healthiest beverages.  Studies prove green tea can aid in losing weight and increases the number of burned fats. specifically, the green tea extract help you lose weight. this is why it is recommended by many.

What is the different potent substance found in Green Tea?

When drinking a cup of tea, you are actually receiving a huge amount of useful substance with powerful biological effects. Here is the following beneficial substance that can be found in green tea.

Every cup of tea contains 24-40 mg of caffeine, but it can still give mild effect. Caffeine is a popular kind of stimulant that can be used in burning fats and increase exercise performance. Green tea contains catechins that make green tea rich in antioxidants. Catechins, a substance loaded with powerful antioxidants.

But the most important substance found in green tea is Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), this potent substance is very helpful in boosting metabolism.

On the other hand, green tea beverage and green tea supplement can both give health benefits.  

Mobilize Fat by Drinking Green Tea

Fats must be broken down first and placed in the bloodstream so that it will be burned successfully. Active compounds found in tea can help in mobilizing fat by improving some burning hormones. EGCG can stop an enzyme from breaking down the norepinephrine hormone. Therefore, if the enzyme stops, it means norepinephrine increases.

The nervous system uses norepinephrine hormone as a sign if they will be going to break the fats. Therefore, more norepinephrine breaks down more fat cells. On the other hand, EGCG and Caffeine have a synergistic effect, since they both enhance similar pathway.

As a result, fat cells break more amounts of fats and releases in the bloodstream. These become available and supply energy to different cells, including muscle cells.

Green Tea Upsurges Fat Burning Specifically During Exercise

When you are checking the label of every weight loss commercial and supplement for burning fats, you will notice that they have similar tea ingredient. Simply because, tea (green) has been constantly shown that it can increase the number of burned fats, specifically during exercise.

According to research, men who drink green extract while exercising burned 17 percent more fat compared to the one who did not drink any green tea supplement. This research recommends that drinking green tea while performing exercise can burn more fats.

On the other hand, another study also conducted that, aside from exercise, you can also burn fats while resting. Fortunately, many agreed in this study.

Green Tea: Burn Calories and Improve Metabolic Rate  

Our body is regularly burning calories. On the other hand, when we are sitting down and sleeping our body cells are still performing millions of functions, which require more energy. 

Many results in studies have shown, that when you are drinking green tea you are burning calories even though you are resting. Another study was being conducted, participants with 100 overweight individuals who drink green tea beverage and supplement. Resulted in a loss of 3.3 Kilogram of excess weight after three months.

But always remember not all studies regarding green tea can boost metabolism. There are some instances that it can affect your health.

Green tea will help you to reduce your weight, by reducing your appetite. Reducing appetite can automatically take fewer calories. Many health experts are studying how green tea affects our appetite, but unfortunately, it shows confliction results.

However, there are animal studies proposing that tea (green) can reduce the quantity of fat we take from foods, although the studies haven’t been established in humans.

Green Tea Removes Damaging Abdominal Fat

The effects of tea are reasonably modest when we are talking about weight loss. However, there are many studies stating that drinking green tea can lose weight, on the other hand, some studies presenting no effect. There are two different studies saying that people reduced their weight for about 1.4 kg (3 pounds).

Most importantly, we must understand that fats are not the same. There is subcutaneous fat present under our skin and we have also visceral fat or belly fats. These fats build up around some of our organs.

Are you aware that visceral fats are harmful? Visceral fats cause insulin resistance and inflammation. These two connects to different types of serious illness, such as heart disease and diabetes.

According to many studies, green tea is very helpful in reducing weight, but some of the burn fat is the dangerous visceral fats.

Final Thoughts

Even though tea can increase metabolic rate and burn more fats, the green tea effects are unassertive especially when talking about a pound lost. However, combining proper exercise and properly balanced diet like cutting carbs and taking more protein can also help in reducing body weight. Truly green tea extract help you lose weight.

But let us not forget that green tea is not only for losing weight, it can also give other health benefits.


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