Heath and Nutritional Benefits of Goat’s Milk

Have you ever tried goat’s milk. It may sound weird, sure, but it’s perfectly edible. Although it’s not that popular in western parts of the world, goat’s milk is consumed in various other regions. This is for good reason! The milk in rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and protein. It also has huge amounts of vitamins D, C, B2 and A, all of which make up its health benefits. If you want to know more, give this article a read!

Goat Milk: Defined

As the name implies, goat’s milk comes from goats. This milk is often compared to the more commonly consumed cow’s milk. However, because goat’s milk can only come from goats, it can be harder to come across in some parts of the world.

The amazing health benefits of goat’s milk, as well as recent research in its positive effects on the body, have made it an increasingly popular choice. Although goats only produce approximately 2% of the world’s milk supply, it is much cheaper to process because it does not require any homogenization, unlike the cow’s milk.

Moreover, there are some studies that recommend not giving goat’s milk to very young children due to the unique nutritional needs of their developmental years. However, as we age, the chemical composition of goat’s milk has a more preferable impact on our body to cow’s milk.

For instance, those people who suffer from lactose intolerance digest goat’s milk way better than cow’s milk because of its high levels of fatty acids. Goat’s milk is usually processed into butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream, a lot of which are considered delicacies because of their high buttermilk content and rich consistency.

Though the prevalence of cow’s milk will probably not fade in the near future, it is important to understand that there are other options out there. We’re not saying cow’s milk is bad, but if you want another milk to try, then turn to goats.

Nutritional Value of Goat’s Milk

Although not that popular in the Western part of the world, goat’s milk is actually one of the most widely used milk drinks in other regions. As I’ve said above, there is a reason for that – aside from it tasting good, its health benefits are astoundingly amazing!

These benefits are due to the nutrients found in it. Here is the nutritional value of goat’s milk:

NutrientsAmount % Daily Value
Protein10.9 grams4%
Saturated fats6.5 grams33%
Cholesterol27 milligrams9%
Carbohydrates11 grams4%
Sodium12 milligrams5%
Sugars11 grams
Vitamin A483 IU10%
Vitamin D29.3 IU7%
Vitamin C3.2 milligrams5%
Vitamin B20.3 milligrams20%
Zinc0.7 milligrams5%
Copper0.1 milligrams6%
Potassium498 milligrams14%
Magnesium34.2 milligrams9%
Phosphorus271 milligrams27%
Calcium327 milligrams33%

Health Benefits of Goat’s Milk

Here are some of the most interesting health benefits of goat’s milk:

  • Environmental protection: because of the digestive process that cows undergo, they often suffer from extreme flatulence, which comes out in the form of methane. Methane is actually extremely harsh on the environment. However, goat’s milk does not cause any danger to the environment. When we consume goat milk, we are protecting ourselves as well as the future generation from any dangerous effects on climate change.
  • Weight loss: even though goat’s milk has more fatty acids than cow’s milk, it has much less bad fat, thus making it beneficial for people who want to lose weight without compromising their nutritional needs.
  • Growth and development: there is an ample amount of protein in goat’s milk. As we know, protein is an essential part of the growth and development of a person. It is the building block of cells, bones, muscles and tissues. By ensuring a steady stream of protein, there’ll be better metabolic protection overall growth stimulation.
  • Boosts the immune system: the selenium content of goat’s milk is beneficial for a better functioning immune system. thus protecting us against infections. This is one of the loved health benefits of goat’s milk.
  • Protects heart health: the fatty acids in goat’s milk are essential for a good cholesterol balance. Because of this, this kind of milk is essential in preventing strokes, heart attacks, atherosclerosis and other coronary complications.
  • Builds stronger bones: we know that milk is essential for the bones, and goat’s milk is no exception. It has a comparable amount of calcium to cow’s milk, but without any side effects.


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