The Most Effective Treatments For Low Immunity

The immune system is one of the most important systems in our body. It serves as our protection against many illnesses. Furthermore, this is also the body’s natural defense system. the system is a complex network of cells, organs, and tissues that group together to be able to defend the body from invaders. These invaders may comprise fungus, parasites, viruses, or bacteria, which have the potentials in making us sick. Thus, having a low immunity is a no-no. Having low immunity may cause the body to be weaker and more prone to various illnesses. Hence, it is important to have enough knowledge about it and of course, the treatments for low immunity is significant as well.

Immune System: What is this?

Let us first talk about the immune system, what is this?

So, the immune system is the body’s secondary line of protection. On the other hand, the first line of protection comprises the physical barriers of the body. These include mucous membranes and the skin. The mucous membranes, they are the ones that cover the interior part of the barriers of the reproductive, respiratory, and digestive systems.

When the external microorganisms like the viruses and bacteria manage to halt into the physical walls, the second line of defense of the body or the immune system may take control. The immune system is the protection of an individual against attacks by various viruses and bacteria. What the greatest part of this system is that it works 24/7 just to keep the body exempted from the harmful microorganisms.

One amazing part of the immune system is its very own memory. Yes, the immune system has its own memory.  In fact, the immune system’s units serve as foot soldiers, which keeps the body away from any infections. Furthermore, they also recall the bacteria or the viruses that may have already attacked formerly. When they come back to the system, the body will be able to fully prepare for it and handle them with all might.

Actually, the immune system comprises of the white blood cells like the basophils, eosinophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, and neutrophils. All of these white blood cells actually act as the body’s second line of protection.

What is Low Immunity or Low Immune Function?

The low immune function actually refers to the underactive and/or the poor performance of the immune system. We know that the main function of the immune system is to give the body enough protection against any infections and prevent the development of cancer. The enhancement and support of the immunity is conceivably the most significant step in achieving the resistance of the body against diseases and reducing the vulnerability to various conditions like cancer, flu, as well as colds.

Causes of Low Immunity

Our immune system may get affected by various internal and external factors, which are all responsible for the low immunity. Here are some of the most common causes of the low immunity:

  • Stress: getting stressed in day to day life may affect the immune system. This is since stress may release hormones like the neuro-endocrine hormones. Furthermore, stress may have a result on the natural cell activity, antibody production, proliferation, and lymphocyte populations.
  • High cholesterol food: consuming an excessive amount of foods that are rich in cholesterol is not good for the body and of course, for the immune system. This is since it slows down the process of the natural defective cells.
  • Excessive workout: we know that too much of anything is bad for us. This applies to doing a workout, even though you do well in your workout routines and you tone your body well, you are also causing some trouble to your immune system. This is since, excessive workout burns more oxygen in our body.
  • Deficiency of sleep: studies show that this is one of the main causes of stumpy immunity, due to modifications in the cytokine networks.
  • Antibiotics: these, when abused may lower the role of the immune system.
  • Body toxins: the toxins in the body are being produced during the metabolism. If these toxins don’t go out of the body, these may cause some trouble.
  • Harmful substances exposure: having excessive exposure to the harmful substances may lower the immunity.
  • Lacking micronutrients: the lack of micronutrients or the micronutrient deficiency may not be dangerous, however, it has a significant result on the immune system.

Treatments for Low Immunity

Here are some of the most effective treatments for low immunity:

Here are some more tips and treatments for low immunity:

  • Avoid taking supplements; not unless your doctor said so.
  • Do not drink water if you don’t know where it comes from.
  • Avoid eating raw foods.
  • Avoid eating foods that have a lot of additives.


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