How to Get Rid Of Dark Knees


One of the most frequently asked questions in the world among people is, Why do several body parts such as knees and elbows appear dark? The answer to this question lies in the results of scientific research carried out by scientists throughout the world. After a series of scientific research, scientists found out that the appearance of dark knees has to do with Hyperpigmentation. This is a condition that is common among people of colour and occurs due to an increase in Melanin.
Hyperpigmentation takes place in the body due to a number of factors. Elbows and knees become darker as a result of friction. This body parts experience friction as a result of constant bending and stretching hence they appear black. The condition can also occur during pregnancy, as a result of infection from several diseases as well as from the use of certain prescribed drugs and medicine. However, health experts advise that if you happen to note an unusual darkening of the skin, it’s wise to visit a physician to diagnose the cause.
Some people may consider the darkening of their knees as irritating as well as damage their appearances and beauty. They may, therefore, desire to change this so as to enhance their beauty. Anyone willing to do this can achieve this goal using a number of methods.

Best Tips And Ways To Fix Dark Knees:


Fixing By Use Of Pumice Stone

A person who feels embarrassed by the appearance of his or her dark knees can use Pumice stone to do it. This is a perfect method to use as the Pumice stone rubs off the dead cells of the skin. One can use Pumice stone while bathing.


Use Of Natural Oils

Natural oils are an effective way of remedying dark knees as they retain the moisture of the skin which helps reduce the darkening of the skin. The best types of oils to use to prevent the drying and darkening of the skin include Coconut oils, Sesame seed oils and olive oils.


Using A Mixture Of Baking Soda And Milk

One of the most popular and most sought after ways of cleaning skin and reducing skin darkening is by use of Baking soda. The Mixture helps bleach and cleanse the skin. A person mixes one tablespoon of baking soda with milk and rubs the mixture on the dark knees using a circular motion. One is to do this for several days consecutively until one notices a change in colour of the skin.


Use Of Sugar And Olive Oil

In this remedy, Sugar acts as an exfoliate while the Olive Oil moisturizes the skin. The remedy is prepared by mixing equal quantities of sugar and oil and then rubbing them on the dark knees. Rub the mixture on the knees for about five minutes before washing it down using mild soap and water to notice the changes.


Use Of Turmeric, Honey And Milk

This remedy is prepared by mixing the ingredients together to form a thick paste. The paste is applied on the dark knees and left there for about twenty minutes before somebody gets his or her hands to rub it gently on the knees for about two minutes. Wash it off with water and notice the change in colour. Turmeric has antiseptic properties while milk acts as bleach and honey moisturizes the dry skin.


Use Of Bleaching Fruits

Some fruits we consume daily and easily found in the market stall have bleaching effects. This includes fruits such as lemons, tomatoes and grapes. One has only to extract the juices from this fruits and apply it gently on the dark areas.after several days one will definitely notice the change in skin colour.


Use Of Vinegar And Yogurt

When used together, these two ingredients work just fine as they help cleanse and moisturize the skin.


Use Of Sunscreen Lotions.

Sunscreen lotions maybe expensive at times hence its hard to acquire them, however when used properly, they work just fine as they protect the exposed parts such as knees from becoming darker. They are best recommended during summer vacations and as after shower lotions.


Use Of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera moisturizes the skin and prevents skin damage from rays of the hot sun hence prevents darkening of the skin. One has to get access to the Aloe Vera plant, break its fresh leaves and apply it to the dark knee to experience its magic in skin colour change.


Use Of The Exfoliating Brush

When taking a shower, one can use the exfoliating brush to remove the dead skin cells. This works out well when the skin is well moist.


Health Benefits Of Getting Rid Of Dark Knees

Dark skin on the knees or elbows is not treated as a medical condition but rather as a beautiful condition. There are therefore no existing health benefits one gets from getting rid of dark skin on the knees. However, One gains benefits in the aspect of beauty as one is able to get rid of the annoying dead skin cells, the dirt that forms the dark pigmentation or the dark skin spots that make our knees lose their aesthetic value.


What’s The Best Time To Get Rid Of Dark Knees?

The best time to get rid of your dark knees is anytime you notice that they are starting to turn darker. This may be attributed to an increase and accumulation of dead skin cells or dirt. It’s when this happens that it’s best recommended doing this.
If you have been struggling with getting rid of dark skin especially on the knees, the above remedies will just work out fine for you. Try them out today and experience their magical results!


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