Natural Ways to Get Rid of White Spots on the Skin

When we get a pimple out of nowhere, we tend to lose our peace of mind or self-esteem. Far more serious, though, is the sudden appearance of white spots, or vitiligo. This skin disease should not be ignored if it is causing you mental stress, but there is no need to worry about your physical health. There is nothing contagious or life-threatening about it. If you are embarrassed, though, this article will list some safe and effective treatments which may be options for you.

Vitiligo usually appears near the mouth, nose, eyes, inside the mouth and along the temples. It is often accompanied by a greying of the hair, and may spread to larger areas. Some studies have attributed the condition to chemical reactions, oxidative stress, genetics and viral or neural causes. Moreover, these can sometimes appear because of some medical condition or autoimmune disorder.

What Is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is the term used to denote the appearance of white spots on the skin, often the outcome of pigment loss. Skin is coloured through melanin, and if the cells that produce the melanin stop working, white spots can appear on the skin. These are tough to reverse. Allopathic sciences suggest several treatments for vitiligo, many of which are painful and expensive. However, there are some natural ways to ease the appearance which you may want to try instead. Remember, though, there is nothing actually wrong with having vitiligo. You should only seek treatment if the appearance is affecting your self-esteem to the point of affecting your mental health.

Who is prone to White Spots?

Anyone. Vitiligo can affect people of all races, although those with dark skin are more prone to it, as well as those aged 10-30. About 30% of people who experience this skin disease start to repigment naturally when their skin is exposed to sun.

What Causes Vitiligo?

The main reason for the illness is not yet known. However, some of the possible causes are:

  • Genetics, or a family history.
  • A triggering event like stress, industrial chemical exposure or sunburn
  • An immune system disorder which may attack and destroy the skin’s melanin.

Some Natural Ways to Get Rid of White Spots

Here are some of the best natural ways to get rid of white spots on the skin:

Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is commonly used as a treatment for vitiligo. Some treatment lotions and creams have coconut oil in it. This not only improves the appearance of vitiligo, it also improves blood circulation. Coconut oil is also antibacterial and naturally antifungal.

Aloe Vera. The healing properties of aloe vera help remove white spots on the skin while hydrating the skin.

Essential Oils. Various skin diseases can be treated with essential oil, as they can help with melanin production and help even your skin tone.

Ginger. Ginger helps blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory properties and contains a lot of antioxidants which help restore skin’s health.

Green Tea. Green tea extracts help remove white spots on the skin with numerous antioxidant properties, which remove damaging free radicals.

Papaya. Like carrots, this fruit is rich in carotene, helping revive melanin in the skin. It also helps restore color in areas are hypopigmented.

Red Clay. This special type of clay is rich in copper, which is effective in bringing back skin color to where it was before vitiligo.

Yoghurt. Yogurt improves Vitamin B12 levels. B12 deficiencies are often seen in vitiligo patients.

Cabbage. Cabbage juice helps heal vitiligo faster because of its amino acid methionine.


Vitiligo may lessen your self-esteem, but please remember that it doesn’t actually mean there is anything wrong with you. The above-mentioned home remedies are great to try, but speak to your doctor about further options if you are still feeling anxious.



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