Paprika for Weight Loss: Is it Really Valuable?

You may have already heard of, seen or tried paprika before; it is extremely popular around the world because of the kick and flavor it gives to various cuisines. Many cultures add it into simple meals to add color and make it more appetizing. Even though many people just look at it as a simple spice, it still offers many health benefits through the vitamins and minerals it contains. For example, paprika is very helpful for weight loss! Give this article a read to learn more.

Paprika: What Is It?       

Paprika is a spice made by grinding up dried Capsicum annum fruits. You may know these by their more common names: sweet pepper, chili peppers, cayenna peppers and tomato pepper, the latter being the most common ingredient in paprika. Considered the fourth most-used spice the world, it is widely used in Turkish, Moroccan, Indian, Austrian, Spanish and especially Hungarian cuisines.

Many people ask if this spice if spicy. This depends. The bell peppers in paprika are sweeter and more mellow when compared to jalapeno or cayenne peppers, so a paprika with lower capsaicin levels is much milder. However, some mixes used chili pepper powder to add a kick.

The spice comes in many different colors, ranging from bright red to brown. Surprisingly, the yellow or tan varieties are often the spiciest, while red is the mildest. Paprika can be regular, sweet or hot. There is also Pimenton de la Vera, which is used in different dishes because of its different flavors.

Nutritional Facts of Paprika

Even though it is just a spice, it still possesses a lot of the vitamins and minerals our body needs, including low amounts of sodium and cholesterol. It is also a good source of dietary fiber, potassium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin B6, niacin and riboflavin.

Below is the nutritional content of 1 tbsp. (or 7g) of paprika.

PrincipleAmount% Daily Value
Carbohydrates3.8 grams1%
Dietary Fiber2.5 grams10%
Total Fat0.9 grams1%
Protein 1.0 grams2%
Vitamin A3560 IU71%
Vitamin C4.8 milligrams8%
Vitamin E2.0 milligrams10%
Vitamin K5.4 micrograms7%
Thiamin0.0 milligrams3%
Riboflavin0.1 milligrams7%
Niacin1.0 milligrams5%
Vitamin B60.3 milligrams14%
Folate7.2 micrograms2%
Calcium 11.9 milligrams1%
Iron1.6 milligrams9%
Magnesium12.5 milligrams3%
Phosphorus23.3 milligrams2%
Potassium158 milligrams5%
Sodium2.3 milligrams0%
Zinc0.3 milligrams2%
Copper0.0 milligrams2%
Manganese0.1 milligrams3%

 Paprika for Weight Loss: Is it Really Valuable?

Nowadays, weight loss can be a serious goal for both men and women in different age groups. Obesity is on the rise in many countries despite the efforts of various health authorities. Many health experts have long promoted dietary changes to help with weight loss, including adding foods which may boost your metabolism. One of these foods is paprika.

You can add paprika to some delicious, low-fat dishes, which may help with your weight loss journey. By adding these metabolism-boosting foods to your diet, you can help your body burn more calories and shed more fat over time.

But paprika is not just good for weight loss; it also helps improve overall health. There are some obvious benefits to using thermogenic spices and condiments to cook healthy, low-fat foods. You should always opt for proven, effective weight loss programs to ensure your weight loss is healthy and sustainable.


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