Cinnamon For Weight Loss: Is It Really Beneficial?

It is for a certain that fat is a clingy lover. Not just that, if you are in a relationship with it, certainly, it is very hard to break up with it! No matter how hard you try, you will still get seduced and tempted in eating various unhealthy foods more often than not. If you see yourself in this situation, you should try using cinnamon for weight loss. This particular spice is used in various cuisines, especially in enhancing the taste and the flavor of a certain dish. Not just that, it is also beneficial in the Ayurvedic medicine. Through the consumption of cinnamon, you may lose about 2 pounds every week. Not just that, one good thing about it is that you don’t have to go to the gym, or even count on the calories that you take. Read on to learn more about this spice!

What is Cinnamon?        

Cinnamon is actually a spice that is actually obtained from the inner bark of some tree species in the genus Cinnamomum. Furthermore, cinnamon is mainly used as an aromatic flavoring additive and condiment in a number of cuisines, savory, and sweet dishes. Moreover, it may also be a good addition to traditional foods, snack foods, as well as in breakfast cereals.

In the actual fact, the term ‘cinnamon’ also denotes to the mid-brown color of the spice. Furthermore, cinnamon is actually the name for various species of the trees as well as the profitmaking spice products, which some of them yield. In addition, the aroma, as well as the flavor of cinnamon, come from its very own essential oil and its principal constituent, cinnamaldehyde. Together with a number of some other components, including eugenol.

Moreover, cinnamon is an average type of tree, which is characterized by oval-shaped leaves, berry fruit, and a thick bark. When ingathering the spice, the leaves, as well as the bark, are the main parts of the plants that are used. Furthermore, cinnamon is nurtured by growing the tree for about two years, and then coppicing it. For instance, cutting the stems at the ground level. In the succeeding year, approximately a dozen new shoots from the roots appear, thus replacing the cut ones.

The stems of the plant must immediately go processing stage after harvesting. This is while the inner bark is still wet. Moreover, the cut stems will then be processed by scraping off the outer bark and then pounding the branch consistently with a hammer to be able to loosen the inner part of the bark, which will then be pried off in some long rolls.

Nutritional Facts of Cinnamon

A bit of cinnamon may go a long way already. Furthermore, its antioxidant properties are what makes it even more especially beneficial as an addition to the diet. The stronger the dose, the stronger the benefits on the body.

One ounce or 28 grams of cinnamon contains the following essential nutrients:

NutrientAmount% Daily Value
Calories69.2 Kcal3%
Protein1.1 grams2%
Total fat0.3 grams1%
Sugars0.6 grams
Dietary fiber14.9 grams59%
Carbohydrates22.6 grams8%
Omega 6 fatty acid12.3 milligrams
Omega 3 fatty acid3.1 milligrams
Selenium0.9 micrograms1%
Manganese4.9 milligrams245%
Copper0.1 milligrams5%
Zinc0.5 milligrams3%
Sodium2.8 milligrams0%
Potassium121 milligrams3%
Phosphorus17.9 milligrams2%
Magnesium16.8 milligrams4%
Iron2.3 milligrams13%
Calcium281 milligrams28%
Vitamin A82.6 IU2%
Vitamin B60.0 milligrams2%
Vitamin C1.1 milligrams2%
Vitamin E0.6 milligrams3%
Vitamin K8.7 micrograms11%
Betaine1.1 milligrams
Choline3.1 milligrams
Folate1.7 micrograms0%
Niacin0.4 milligrams2%
Pantothenic acid0.1 milligrams0%
Riboflavin0.4 milligrams2%

How does Cinnamon Aid in Weight Loss?

Here are some of the reasons on how does cinnamon help in losing weight:

  • The cinnamon has gastroprotective, immunomodulatory, antihypertensive, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial in treating various illnesses.
  • This spice is beneficial in mobilizing fat. Moreover, one study suggests that the cinnamon extract helps in lowering the levels of serum and hepatic lipids.
  • The cinnamon spice is essential in lowering the fasting blood glucose levels.
  • The polyphenols content of the cinnamon is essential in improving the insulin sensitivity. We know that the insulin is the ones that regulate the glucose levels in the blood. Research suggests that cinnamon may help in losing weight through the prevention of insulin resistance in women with the polycystic ovarian disease.

How to Take Cinnamon for Weight Loss?

Here are some ways on how you can use cinnamon for weight loss:

  • Cinnamon and Turmeric Milk. Since the turmeric has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, it is essential in preventing cancer. Furthermore, milk is rich in calcium, as well as other essential nutrients essential for the health. These two combined with cinnamon can help in losing weight and improving the health effects.
  • Cinnamon and Oats. The oats are rich in dietary fiber. This is essential for better absorption of nutrients, as well as reduce the abdominal fat.
  • Cinnamon and Apple Cider Vinegar. The apple cider vinegar or ACV is popular in losing weight, reducing the diabetes risk, and treats throat problems, skin conditions, and sinusitis.
  • Cinnamon and Honey Tea. The honey and cinnamon combined may be essential in losing weight effectively. This is all because of the different essential nutrients in both of the ingredients.

Undoubtfully, cinnamon is not just a delicious addition to various dishes, its benefits in losing weight are astounding as well! Certainly, the spices that we have in our homes are not just good at making our dishes taste awesome; they also give a lot of health benefits.


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