Top 7 Best Home Remedies to Treat Gingivitis

Have you ever experienced having swollen gums? If so, you know how hard and painful it is. Actually, this is a common condition. The tissues that form the gums are fibrous, thick, and full of blood vessels. Thus, when there is a swelling in it, the gums get bulge and appears red instead of its normal color, which is pink. Good thing, there are some home remedies to treat gingivitis.

In the event of gingivitis or swollen gums, we go through a lot of discomfort and pain which makes it hard to focus on everything that we do. It is very hard to eat our meals or drink cold water because of the swelling gums’ pain.

If you want your swelling gums to heal, but too scared to go to the dentist, try some home remedies to treat it. Read on to this article to know more. But before that, let’s get to understand the causes of this condition first, as well as its symptoms.

Gingivitis: Causes

The condition is usually caused by:

-Injury in the gums.

-Sensitivity and allergy to some dental products or foods.

-Irritation because of some dental fixtures.


-Plaque and tartar buildup in the mouth which may lead to the swelling of the gum.

-The gingival infection grows and the swelling gum becomes sustained in the mouth.

-Fungal and viral infections.

All of these causes of gingivitis are all uncomfortable and painful. So, avoiding these is the best way to prevent having the condition.

Gingivitis: Symptoms

Here are some of the most common symptoms of gingivitis. If you happen to experience any of these, might as well treat it immediately.

-Pain on the gums.

-Swollen or red gums.

Bleeding gums.

Bad breath.

-Increase on the gaps of the teeth.

Gingivitis: Prevention

Visiting your dentist is the most important thing to do in order to prevent gingivitis. A comprehensive checkup and cleaning can help in reversing the condition. For a more suitable home care, professionals advise that you must brush your teeth twice a day and use an interdental aid like floss at least once a day.

Furthermore, you must also use a toothpaste that’s antimicrobial. Don’t forget to clean your tongue as well. Your mouth should be at its cleanest state before sleeping. This is to make sure that there is no bacteria growth in your mouth while you are sleeping.

If you happen to experience some of the symptoms of gingivitis, don’t hesitate to go to your dentist. This is to avoid any complications and to treat the condition immediately.

Gingivitis: First Treatments

Before moving into the home remedies to treat gingivitis, you must ensure that you are practicing a good oral care. If you are not taking the proper care of your gums and teeth, the home remedies to treat gingivitis,

Here are some things you must do in order to maintain a good oral health:

-Abstain from smoking or chewing some tobacco.

-Ensure the softness of the bristles of your toothbrush.

-You must visit your dentist no less than once every year.

-Choose an electric toothbrush to maximize the cleaning capacity.

Brush teeth at least twice a day.

-Limit the sugar intake.

-Use natural mouthwash rather than the chemical one.

-Replace your toothbrush every three months.

-You must floss daily.

Maintaining a good oral hygiene is very important to avoid the occurrence of some oral conditions like gingivitis.

Home Remedies to Treat Gingivitis

Salt Water. This is one of the most common remedies for any oral problems. This helps in neutralizing the mouth’s pH and soothes the inflammation of gums. Furthermore, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in alleviating the swelling.

Turmeric Powder. It is a strong antimicrobial agent which is useful in the reduction of inflammation and speeding up the healing of the swelling gums.

Baking Soda. Since the treatment is a natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial, it is beneficial in treating the infection which causes the swelling of the gums. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the inflammation of the gums and soothes the tender skin

Lemon Juice. The antimicrobial properties of the lemon juice help in killing the microbes that cause the infection which leads to gingivitis.

Aloe Vera Gel. The antibacterial, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of the aloe vera help in healing the swelling of the gums and kill the bacteria in it.

Epsom Salt. When you mix Epsom salt in warm water, it alleviates and soothes the swelling of the gums. Furthermore, it also treats the pain and inflammation of the gums.

Use Ginger. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help in relieving the swelling of the gums.  


The natural, home remedies to treat gingivitis are the best ways to relieve the condition. It is much convenient since the things you need are just in the comfort of your home. You’ll not only treat the pain and inflammation of the gums but also prevent it from coming back.


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